How does one describe Coolbiz easily?

Coolbiz is a platform that allows you to get involved in business and commerce. With it you can save money, make money or both. Typically commerce works through consumers who buy products from a retailer, who buy from distributors, who buy from manufacturers.

What Coolbiz does is set you up with a direct link to the manufacturer (or in some cases, master distributors). Cutting out the retailer and often the distributor as well. This allows you to access goods and services at discount or “resale” rates, for personal savings or to sell and market those products.

Instantly saving you money and giving you the ability to go into business for yourself.

Because the manufacturer stocks all the inventory and there is no cost to use the business platform, you don’t need any money to be open for business. You can try the system for yourself at no charge and see the benefits immediately. You simply collect or place an order, submit to the manufacture who delivers to the you or the customer and you get paid!

The platform handles all your account setup, ordering, transfers, commissions, bonuses, payouts etc. Coolbiz allows you to utilize an island wide network of payment agencies (such as Bill Express, Paymaster, NCB, BNS and others) for receiving money from your customers or handling your business funds. That’s right you can do business island wide 24/7 immediately.

You can even setup multiple businesses through friends and family or others, allowing you to build a “chain” of stores capturing more sales and earning you more money. Show friends and family how to buy things at a discount, or join your family business and make money too.

In addition to the platform, you can join an existing business team who will help you get setup, help you define your goals and assist you on a regular basis to use the platform to accomplish those goals. Get assistance with marketing, product training, business development and more! Make friends who share your same dreams and work with each other to make the kind of money or impact you really want. Our business development organization is always there to help, and the best part is the assistance and advice are 100% free.

If your dream is not about money, join the growing number of men and women who are using the platform to help others reach financial independence. Make a difference in your community, help give opportunity to those who want it.



CoolBiz is a division within the Cool Group. It is an mCommerce and eCommerce based direct selling business that sells prepaid mobile airtime for all major telecommunications companies in Jamaica as well as a variety of other consumer products to Jamaicans. CoolBiz is a unique business model that delivers quality products and services at affordable prices and enables low-income consumers (and producers) to participate in the formal economy while stimulating considerable economic growth for Jamaica and raising the incomes of the poor or nearly poor. In short, we create business opportunities for our customers.

Since 2007, CoolBiz has successfully built a local value chain by matching microentrepreneurs directly with the suppliers of goods and services thus making products and services more accessible and more affordable in their markets. The Company has achieved this through its unique business model and the effective use of technology which enables CoolBiz to reward its affiliates and retailers not only for their own consumption, but it also enables affiliates to sell directly to friends and neighbours without limitations as to the size or scope that they may choose to grow their businesses.

By January 2008, Cool Biz was serving more than 10,000 customers per month through a network of sellers (affiliates) and had grown to become the largest single direct topup channel for Cable & Wireless Jamaica.

In April 2008, Digicel airtime was added to the Cool Biz product mix. The Company now sells all brands of prepaid airtime including (Lime, Digicel, and Flow among others)

Based on the Company’s initial success with prepaid airtime, the business was expanded to include other products services such as handsets, transaction processing fees, electronics and drinks. In each case the new products were added in order to test market reaction and receptivity. In 2009, the decision was made to formally expand the business into two distinct segments; airtime and non-airtime. By November, Cool Biz had opened 7 depots across Jamaica to facilitate the sale of Non-airtime goods. The product mix included beverages, handsets, transaction processing fees among others. Today, Cool Biz offers an increasing range of products for sale to its affiliates and retailers. In addition to airtime, the Company offers Telecommunications Accessories, Beverages, Household, Personal Care and Automotive to affiliates and retailers at the best prices and rewards program in Jamaica. We carry some of the best brands available in Jamaica at the best prices. All through the use of the affiliates’ mobile phone or computer.

In keeping with the initial success of our non-airtime product sales, the Company expects to continue to develop a wide range of products and services that will further promote the growth and development of its affiliates and their communities thereby enabling thousands of Jamaicans to start their own businesses or simply supply their business or family needs in a more affordable and rewarding way.

Today there are more than 3,000 active affiliates (sales within previous 30 days) selling to more than 30,000 unique customers per month.

Once proven in Jamaica, we believe our model can be replicated in other emerging markets, initially across the Caribbean and then wherever the opportunity presents itself. Cool Biz aspires to be the leading mCommerce network in the Caribbean within the next 5 years.

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